Mold Air Test. 3-sample kit


The sampling kit includes 3 cassettes, a calibrated air sampling pump and sampling instruction. This kit is designed to measure mold concentration in 3 rooms (one cassette per room). Please note that the samples and the pump require laboratory analysis and calibration and should be returned for testing to our laboratory in London, Ontario Canada.   The analysis is based on ASTM D4359 procedure, which is the same test that we offer to professional mold abatement companies. In our report, we identify 12 types of mold are report results for each type separately as number of spores per meter cube (sp/m³). Once we receive your samples back and analyze them, we will send you a formal report by email. Please note that we reserve the right to ask for a security deposit for rental equipment. The deposit will be reimbursed to your credit card once we receive the kit back for testing.

The price includes rental kit, laboratory analysis, and laboratory report. To place the order, please select the turnaround time.

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Your report will show individual concentrations of 12 types of mold:

Stachybotrys/Memnoniella (Black Mold)
Hyphal fragments

If you use mold testing to evaluate building contamination, you may find the following references useful:

Less then 2,000 sp/m³  – Clean building
5,000 sp/m³  – Possible mold amplification
10,000 sp/m³ – Cleaning might be needed
25,000 sp/m³ – Remediation might be needed
More then 75,000 sp/m³ – Need for professional cleanup

If you have any questions, please email us at your convenience

The sampling kit includes 3 Air-O-Cell cassettes and a sampling pump. The step by step procedure can be seen here. It takes 5 minutes to collect a sample. Do not take longer samples because you can overload the cassette.

After you collect all the samples please:

  1. Print and complete the “Request for Analysis Form” that was provided with your kit
  2. Pack the kit and the request form into the shipping box
  3. Send or deliver the samples and the paperwork to our laboratory (cost of return shipping is not included in this order)
LCS Laboratory Inc.
700 Collip Circle, Unit 218
London ON, N6G 4X8
(519) 777-5232
  • Thank you again for your order


If you are allergic to mold, presume the worst and protect yourself.  To be safe and “just in case”, you should wear N95 or P95 dust mask or better.

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 in
Test Turnaround Time

7 business days (default), 6 bd. 5% extra, 5 bd. 10% extra, 4 bd. 25% extra, 3 bd. 50% extra, 2 bd. 75% extra, 1 bd. 100% extra, Same day 150% extra


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