Mold on Surfaces. Laboratory Test


This test measures concentration of mold spores on working surfaces of your house. Please note that this is not a DIY or Sampling Kit. You will need to collect and send your samples to our laboratory in London, Ontario, Canada, for testing.

The test is non-destructive and can be used to take mold samples from any surfaces. We report individual concentrations of 12 types of mold in spores/mm sq. The results can be used for assessment of water damage or identify potential source of allergies. The fee includes laboratory analysis and formal report, which will be sent to you by email.

Please check sampling and shipping instructions in a tab on this page. Select number of samples and turnaround time to place your order.



Your report will address surface concentration of 12 types of mold:

Stachybotrys/Memnoniella (Black Mold)
Hyphal fragments

If you have any questions, please email us at your convenience

You can collect mold spores from the surface using so called “Tape Lift” technique. 02-Transparent tapeTape Lift sampling is a simple technique, that is often used to collect settled dust sample from surfaces like floor, furniture, walls and even carpets. To collect a Tape Lift sample you need a roll of transparent tape, Ziploc bags, and a permanent marker. It is important to use a transparent tape, which is clear under high magnification and does not interfere with analysis. Please remember, neither Scotch tape nor Packing tape are not suitable for sampling.


06-clean transparent tapeTake 4-5 cm long piece of the tape.

12-mold tape liftHold it with one or two hands. The sticky side of the tape is facing the surface from where the sample should be taken. Touch the surface ONCE with a sticky side of the tape.

13-mold spores on tape

The dust is imprinted on the tape and now can be tested by LCS Laboratory.

15-tape lift in ziploc bagOpen a new Ziploc bag, insert the tape with dust sample into a bag, and gently press the sticky surface of the tape against the inner surface of the bag.

14-IMG_20161219_114149767Close the bag. Label the bag with a permanent marker: “Dust #1”, or “Old wood panel”. If you want to test more than one sample, each sample should be placed in a separate bag.

Once the order is ready for shipment and paid:

  1. Print the payment receipt for your order. It will tell us your contact information, and what you want to test for.
  2. Place the printed receipt into the box/envelope with your samples
  3. Send or deliver the samples and the paperwork to our laboratory

LCS Laboratory Inc.

700 Collip Circle, Unit 218

London ON, N6G 4X8


(519) 777-5232

Thank you again for your order


When you take a sample protect yourself from mold spores. To be safe and “just in case”, you should wear a dust mask with rating 95 or better

Additional information

Test Turnaround Time

8 business days (default), 6 business days, 5 business days, 4 business days, 3 business days, 2 business days, 1 business days


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